KSL is committed and required to reforest all land they harvest. When harvesting forests on public land, Alberta requires all cutblocks to be reforested within 2 years of being cut. The type of forest cut determines what reforestation method will be used to regenerate the area. Some common reforestation methods include planting seedlings and leave-for-natural suckering of deciduous. KSL will also be required to monitor how well the forest is growing following reforestation. An establishment survey is required to be completed 4 to 8 years after an area is harvested. The purpose of an establishment survey is to determine and document the reforestation status of each harvested area. If reforestation is determined to not be successful based on various criteria, reforestation methods will have to be exercised again in the area. This may include additional planting, site preparation techniques or a leave for natural treatment depending on the forest type. A performance survey is then required to be completed between year 11 and 14 after harvest. This survey determines if established forests have continued to grow and to ensure these forests are healthy, vigorous, and capable of generating yields similar to the post-harvest yields assumed in the FMP. For more information on reforestation of public forest land in Alberta refer to the link below.

Reforestation Standard of Alberta: