Kee Tas Kee Now Sawmills Ltd. (KSL) will submit a new forest management plan (FMP) to Alberta Agriculture and Forestry by May 1, 2022. The FMP will be consistent with the Alberta Forest Management Planning Standard. The area of interest for this plan is Forest Management Unit (FMU) S10 located in the North Central portion of the province of Alberta. The FMU is approximately 408,251 hectares in size and spreads across approximately 40 townships.  More information about Forest Management Planning can be found below.

FMU S10 is a Crown unit not currently assigned under a Forest Management Agreement (FMA) and is adjacent to FMUs P21, S11, and S19. The area contains several large lakes including Loon Lake, Lubicon Lake, Bat Lake, and Swampy Lake. Communities within this area include Red Earth Creek, the Loon River Nation, the Woodland Cree Nation, and borders with Little Buffalo.

During the development of the forest management plan, consultation and collaboration are required between KSL and all stakeholders. Effective engagement will help identify and address issues during the planning process to create forest management plans which are environmentally and socially acceptable.